Virtual Meeting Etiquette

During this time there will be an increase in the use of virtual meetings. Here are a few reminders as you host or attend these types of meetings.

  1. Check your surroundings. Think about the location in which you are attending your virtual meeting. What is the background people will see? Make sure you don’t have a pile of laundry in the view, kids aren’t running around (if you can help it) and that the lighting is good.
  2. Prepare yourself. Working remotely allows you freedom to dress casual. Just remember that you can possibly be seen from your shoulders up. Don’t have bedhead and prepare your face.  But you sure can keep your pajama pants and slippers on.
  3. Be prepared and keep distractions at bay. Get on to the meeting early. Make sure your screen is ready to go especially if you are presenting items from your screen. Be in a quiet room, silence cell phones and prepare others in the vicinity so they can be quiet – including animals.
  4. Utilize MUTE! Please, please, please, when you are joining a meeting put yourself on mute. Especially if you are joining just to be a part of the call and you are not contributing. If you do speak, when you are finished immediately turn your mute back on. If you are the host of the meeting, use the mute all functionality or mute individuals if they aren’t muting themselves.
  5. Remember this is still a meeting. Please treat this as a meeting. Don’t eat (if you are on video or are asked to participate in the conversation), speak clearly, slow and try not to interrupt. Make eye contact – I know this is weird but it is important. DON’T GO TO THE BATHROOM OR WASH DISHES! Be professional just like if you were in person.

Ultimately….enjoy this time as we utilize modern technology and remember we are blessed to still be conducting business and connecting with others. Stay well!

-Cara Owings, Co-Owner

The Connection Exchange



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